Towards a circular Electronics indusrty

Desoltik enables the reuse of chips and semiconductors
on an industrial scale


Through the recovery of electronic components, we make it possible to reduce the ecological footprint of the parts. By cutting both CO2 emissions and the amount of valuable and limited materials used.


A standardized process that has minor impact on the lifespan of the electronic components thanks to the high degree of automation and precise temperature control. This enables recovery with high throughput.

Unused Potential

Thanks to our technology, the recovered electronic components can be reused. This exploits the entire lifespan of the components, which improves their cost-effectiveness and reduces product costs

50 MT a year

Huge amounts of electronic waste are generated every year. Only a fraction is recycled and most of it ends up in landfill sites.  The reason for this is that reusing the components has so far not been economically viable. As Desoltik, we are going to change that.


The recent chip crisis has shown us how much our world depends on electronic components. We have seen the financial damage and disruption that can occur in the supply chain. The dependence on the supply chain and the sudden discontinuation of components by manufacturers pose enormous challenges for companies. Therefore, we must reuse electronic components.


Our modern world faces many challenges in terms of resource consumption and climate change. This is why the UN has launched a call to action for a sustainable world with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This shows the urgency with which we must act. So now is the right time to rethink the electronics industry!

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